• Nik Silver Efex Pro 1 For Mac

    Nik Silver Efex Pro 1 For Mac

    Photographers who started shooting in the pre-digital era often got their start in the darkroom, processing and printing black and white images. Although computers and printers have taken the place of most wet darkrooms, the potential for great digital black and white photography was more fully realized as software companies created increasingly sophisticated tools to create monochrome images.

    Nik Software’s Silver Efex Pro is the perfect example of a highly effective black and white conversion tool (and, coincidentally, my favorite). This simple-to-use plug-in is easy to use and not only converts color images to monochrome, but is equipped with Nik’s U Point technology for targeted corrections. Preset black and white styles, black and white film emulations, and a broad range of adjustment options are part of its extensive feature set and, in Adobe Photoshop or Elements, effects can also be “brushed” on using a Selective Tool. Like other Adobe Photoshop plug-ins in the Nik family, such as Nik Color Efex and Viveza, Silver Efex Pro is compatible with a wide range of applications. I tested Silver Efex on a MacBook Pro, Snow Leopard, with 2GB of RAM using Photoshop CS4. (See System Requirements for program compatibility.) Where to Buy Photo.net’s partners have Nik Silver Efex Pro available.

    I tested Silver Efex on a MacBook Pro, Snow Leopard, with 2GB of RAM using. Open image in Photoshop. Go to Filter > Nik Software>Silver Efex.

    Their prices are fair and you help to support photo.net. niksilver-efex.

    Download a Interface and Basics In Photoshop, once your image is open, you can choose to have a Selective Tool palette open automatically on start-up (or not) or you can simply choose Nik SoftwareSilver Efex from the filter drop down menu. The plug-in opens in its own window, with a clean and attractive Lightroom-like gray/black interface. When first opened, the plug-in automatically converts the selected image (Silver Efex Pro doesn’t work on images in the grayscale color mode) to a neutral gray.

    • Travel photographer Ken Kaminesky's Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 review. While I'm using Silver Efex Pro 2 as a Photoshop plug-in, you can also use it as a stand. February 3, 2014 at 1:49 am. Also, could you recommend an affordable monitor calibration device for those of us using MAC OS X 10.8 with a retina display?
    • The result here was a little charm to an otherwise dull snow scene, and more fun playing around in Silver Efex Pro. The User Interface. I'm a big fan of Nik Software's U-Point technology and it's fantastic Nik Color Efex Pro 3.0 Complete product, so I had a good idea.
    • Nik Collection 2018 by DxO 1.2.15 Crack + Serial to easily create the photos you’ve imagined with six powerful plug-ins for Photoshop, Lightroom. Silver Efex Pro: Master the art of black-and-white photography with darkroom-inspired controls. Mac OSX and Android apps. We believe we are the best because we focus on quality rather than.

    A browser on the left side of the screen shows a list of about 30 preset black and white effects, which can be expanded by creating and saving your own effect or downloading custom styles from the. 1114810 After downloading and importing the Antique Portrait preset from the Nik Software website, it took only one click to turn a just-okay shot of twin tulips into a romantic rendering of the same flowers.

    Presets and available downloads cover a wide range of monochrome options including the aforementioned neutral gray, under and overexposed, high structure, different levels of push and pull processing, high contrast with different color filters (much like using color filters with black and white film shooting), as well as various alternative processes (ambrotype, cyanotype, etc.), infrared, pinhole, sepia, antique looks and more. You can view all of the options or designate your most-often used effects to a “favorites” list. To change the effect, you simply click on one of the thumbnails. Unfortunately, there’s nothing that shows which effect you clicked on so if you don’t remember what it is, you’ll have to try to match it by look—which isn’t so easy. My wish list for Nik Silver Efex version 2.0 would be some sort of notation of the applied effect, either in the preset list or in the main window. And while I’m wishing, I’d also like to see the ability to create custom categories to arrange the effects into groups and maybe a scalable browser with an option to have smaller thumbnails in double columns for faster scrolling through the lists.

    There are three viewing options in the Silver Efex main window—single image (with or without browser); a split before/after view with a moveable divider; and a side-by-side before/after view. A loupe window that magnifies your image is located at the bottom of the right hand panel.

    It follows your cursor in the main window or you can lock the magnified view onto a single point. It’s a handy tool since you don’t have to take the extra step to activate the zoom tool on the upper toolbar to see a close-up of your image. Visual nettools for mac.

    Just below the loupe is one of the more interesting aspects of Silver Efex: a zone system scale. Numbered from 0 to 10 (dark to light), you can click on one or more number to reveal what areas of the image fall within each value.

    Even if you’re not familiar with the Zone System, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Stylizing and Fine-tuning But the Silver Efex action really takes place on the right side of the screen where you’ll find a group of neatly arranged features. By default, the groups are collapsed but if you click on the arrows next to each section, you’ll see how many tools are available. The first section offers brightness, contrast and structure adjustments that can be applied globally or to selected areas with Control Points (more on Control Points in a minute). Brightness and contrast are self-explanatory. Silver Efex’s “structure” is similar to the Clarity tool in Adobe Camera Raw.

    Essentially it adjusts contrast and provides more (or fewer) details as the slider is adjusted up or down. It works surprisingly well to add punch to otherwise flat images. Control Points utilize Nik’s U Point technology, so you can add one or more points to an image, adjust the area that it affects and adjust brightness, contrast and structure within a given area right from the control point. In the Control Points section, you can also duplicate or delete points to increase workflow speed. Other Silver Efex right hand panel options include preserving shadows and highlights (be sure to click the arrow to the right of Shadows/Highlights for a histogram), color filters that block or enhance “colors” in the black and white image and sliders to adjust filter hue and strength (the latter controls the contrast between colors). Quick tip: whenever you see an arrow, click it—there’s a lot to explore. Nik went to great lengths to re-create the look of 18 film stocks from Kodak, Ilford, Agfa and Fujifilm with ISOs ranging from 32-3200 for Silver Efex.

    The drop down menu of film types is enhance by multiple controls, including grain, color sensitivity (how bright or dark each color appears), and tone curve. Nik has also emphasized that a special grain engine was utilized to incorporate the grain into the file rather than applying it via an overlay, to better simulate a film look. The Stylizing module has a ton of features including a huge list of toning effects—split tone, selenium, sepia, copper and many more. Lightly run the mouse over the list to see how the toning looks on your image before committing to a specific preset. Slider bars allow you to adjust the strength and other parameters to fine-tune the toning. The plug-in also offers vignetting and burn edges options. For the latter, you have the choice of applying the burn edge to the left, right, top or bottom edges; unfortunately, there’s no way to apply an edge to all four sides at the same time.

    An alternative creative use of Silver Efex Pro is the Brush option at the bottom of the right hand panel. Click on it to open the Selective Tool in Adobe Photoshop or Elements and paint on an effect using Photoshop/Elements’ brush and gradient tools. There’s also a fill mode so you can select an area and then “fill” it with the effect. Don’t like what you’ve done?

    Clear the entire layer (the Selective tool automatically creates a layer) or erase the part you want to leave in color. It’s perfect for, as the name suggests, applying a Silver Efex Pro effect to a targeted area of the image. Tutorial: How to use a Control Point 1.

    Open image in Photoshop 2. Go to Filter Nik SoftwareSilver Efex 3. Choose a style from the browser window. I chose push-processing N+3 to add drama to the photograph. Click on “Control Point” and place the point in the center of the area you want to enhance. Use the top button of the control point to adjust the area that the control point adjustments will affect. The push processing blocked up some of the shadows so I moved the control point size slider to encompass part of the deep shadows on her dress.

    Move the brightness slider (the second slider) to lighten the area. You can also adjust contrast (third slider) and structure (bottom slider) to bring back some pop to the image. Adjust the slider(s) as needed. Since other areas are of equal darkness, I duplicated the control point by clicking on “duplicate” in the control point window. Duplicate places another control point over the original; just click on it with your mouse and drag it to another area of the image you want to adjust.

    Nik Silver Efex Pro 1 For Mac

    I placed the duplicate points in other deep shadow areas and made slight adjustments to the brightness of each individual control point. If you don’t like the placement, you can drag it elsewhere or click delete in the control point window to eliminate it. When you’re finished, click OK in the lower right corner. The screen will revert back to Photoshop and the filter will be applied. Go to File Save As to save the black and white image (use File Save As to give it a different name so it doesn’t override your original color file). 1114800 Conclusion I’ve tried a number of software programs and techniques to convert images to black and white and while most of them have their strengths, I haven’t found one that can beat Silver Efex Pro’s depth and breadth of features, intuitive tools and, more importantly, consistently excellent results.

    The plug-in is easy to use with most of the learning curve coming into play with understanding the some of the fine-tuning tools but the minimal amount of time you might have to spend referencing the manual, watching video tutorials on the Nik site or experimenting on your own is well worth it. Pros: Extremely versatile plug-in, 18 film emulations, ability to customize and save your own styles and/or download presets, easy to use, compatible with major image-editing programs, good tutorial/webinar support system Cons: No indication of what style has been applied, style browser list can be awkward to navigate, not yet 64-bit compatible. June 24, 2010 at 4:20 pm.

    I understand that Nikon's NX image-editing software is based on Nik technology, so would this plug-in be compatible with the Nikon NX/NX2 application?. To post a reply. June 25, 2010 at 12:35 am. Too sad Silver Efex Pro does not support 'Ctrl Z', ie, 'UNDO' command in Win system. Or am I wrong? Every now & then when I'm not satisfy w/ the tuning, I can't just 'undo' it and I'll have to actually TUNE it back to the previous setting!

    Apart from this, I think Silver EfexP is really COOL & FAST!. To post a reply. June 25, 2010 at 5:52 am. I'm not in front of my own PC right now but isn't it possible to edge burn all four sides at the same time by using the vignette control under the stylizing section? It's designed to get rid of the darkened corners associated with wide angle lenses but I seem to remember that if you slide it the other way then it will darken the corners. You can choose whether you want the effect to be applied on a circular basis (which would give darkened corners) to the image or on a square basis for darkened edges.

    This is from memory and I could be wrong. To post a reply. July 21, 2010 at 10:58 am. John, Although both Nikon NX2 and Nik Silver Efex utilize Nik's U-point technology, Nikon NX/NX2 is not designed to accept plug-ins of any kind.

    Thanks for your question! -Theano. To post a reply. July 21, 2010 at 11:05 am. Ray, Yes, it would be nice to be able to use 'Ctrl Z'/Undo in Silver Efex Pro since that's what we're used to.

    But by using Control Points, you can delete any effect you don't like. Also, there's a small arrow at the top right of each section (i.e., Color Filter, Film Types) that you can click to 'reset' the changes you made in that section. Essentially those are Silver Efex's 'undo' controls. Of course, if you've made a couple of changes in one section, i.e., Stylizing, then clicking re-set arrow for that section will undo them all so it's not a perfect system.

    Hope that helps! Best, Theano. To post a reply. July 21, 2010 at 11:29 am.

    Bruce, Good point. Yes, the Vignetting control does have a 'rectangle' option, which gives a similar effect to 'burning' all four edges, although it's still a little more circular than applying Burn Edges to all four sides. My guess is that Burn Edges was designed to be more like a drop shadow-in which case it's not meant to be used on all four sides simultaneously. I appreciate your input! Cheers, Theano. To post a reply.

    July 30, 2010 at 1:12 pm. The final 'system requirements' only lists those for Windows PCs. There are also versions of Silver Efex Pro for Mac Lightroom and Aperture. I use it with Aperture and it works great, although I'm looking forward to a future 64-bit update. To post a reply. July 30, 2010 at 2:05 pm. Hi Steve, The Mac System Requirements are there.

    Unfortunately, the layout didn't translate well when posted and there's no space between the Mac requirements and the Windows listing. Thanks, Theano. To post a reply. April 14, 2011 at 12:32 am. The new version includes a history, so you have an undo of sorts. We could use a review of the new version.

    (hint, hint). If I buy it before a review is written, I may post one myself:-). To post a reply. April 14, 2011 at 8:18 am. Hi Derick, Thanks for your comment.and, yes, the History Browser helps address the no 'undo' issue. My review of Silver Efex Pro 2 is done and should be posted soon!

    Theano. To post a reply.

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